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Historical records covering this wood go back to the early 17th century. Thomas Raven, the famous map-maker, drew maps of the County for the London Companies. At that time this area was part of the Goldsmiths’ Company’s land and was shown with a number of trees close to the river in a map from 1619. A survey carried out in 1654 also detailed ‘Shrubb’ in the townland.

Several maps from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, covering the City of Londonderry showed the area where Prehen Wood is located as having tree cover. The ‘Derry Journal’ printed a notice in 1777 from the owner of Prehen, George Knox which stated: "..there have lately been several young trees cut down in my woods at Prehen, by saws in the dead hours of the night." Prehen Wood has been whittled away in more recent years to allow for increased development in the Londonderry area.

Mainly beech with some oak, and an understorey of holly and hazel, the wood is carpeted with a mass of wildflowers in spring, including bluebells, celandine, wood anemones. Red squirrels are found here, and volunteers have undertaken a supplementary feeding programme to try to conserve the population.


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