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Welcome to Back on the Map, the inventory of ancient and long-established woodland in Northern Ireland.

The Woodland Trust's search for Northern Ireland's oldest woods

Burntollet River

Vulnerable fragments of ancient woodland in the beautiful Faughan Valley will become more resilient thanks to the Woodland Trust’s recent acquisition. Find out more.

This exciting project in Northern Ireland was started by the Woodland Trust in order to create a record of ancient woodland for the very first time. Our most valuable wildlife habitat, ancient woodland in the rest of the UK has been mapped on the ancient woodland inventories for around 20 years, but in Northern Ireland no such record had ever been produced.

This ambitious research project provides a fascinating insight into Northern Ireland’s woodland heritage and puts some of our most valuable woods on the map, enabling their better protection in the future.

Ancient woods are under threat from development. Photo: Philip Sansum

Only a tiny percentage of the land area of Northern Ireland can be shown with reasonable certainty to be ancient woodland, far less than in the rest of the UK. Yet Northern Ireland’s ancient woods are still being lost at an alarming rate. The Trust recently called upon the Northern Ireland Executive to play its part for ancient woodland. We’re now asking the public to get active and help save the UK’s rainforests. Find out more.Prehen Wood. Photo: Peter Nash

Northern Ireland has some fantastic old woods. What better place to get out in the fresh air and enjoy your local countryside? Why not take a look at some of our favourites?